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Machines and the Gods

by Jellyfish Brigade

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Something's got to give (x4) Avoid another almost hit It feels like ya’ll dont miss Thoughts bouncing like a pinball Stomachin' the pitfalls Trippin’ while the wall close in Been banging at the same old thang And it’s looking like there ain’t no change While the gray haze hangs low, Seek a little rainbow Before it can fade away No sorrow for the sedentary self Get up, get out, do like the legendary tale I hum a human hymn to the cemetery bells Until I’m dead and buried, I’ll remember every L Well dweller to rope climber, miner of jewels Fighting a duel, stab ripples at the sight in the pool Hope hanging by a thread, unwinding the spool Said I roll like I’m hunting for a fire to fuel I speak spells, them guttural chants is anthemic To cure the ailments and enhance the aesthetics Might take me a minute, or maybe a whole eon Eras all end, but my autumn is so neon My howling canine day’s coming So far I’ve fallen at many a fake summits But every time down, I take a bit with me cause I build on it and lifts me up, I said Something warm and bright been seeping through the tunnel cracks No stone unturned til I get me some of that Sacrifice the blue ribbons and the tiny ducat stash Best foot forward, even if I gotta double back It’s a beautiful process, a dutiful conquest To overcome immovable objects Push til we ache, punch til we scab Dig til we’re dirty, jump til we collapse So, I laugh like I done cried a couple of times Drew the blinds, sank deep in the puddle of mine I sniffle like I done chuckled til my sides cramped And I couldn’t count the reasons to raise the wine glass We got thangs that beat us to the point we can’t mention ‘em Out of fear that we might dive back into ‘em Might’ve won the war, Might’ve lost the day I might’ve broke on through, I might’ve walked away, I said
Bout to see some vines growing into every cineplex And villains climb to power from the ditches of the internet That’s prolly why I throw a some sticky in the cigarette And hit the armory to cop a blicky with the stimmy check Living heck, give ‘em hell, this world is a Winterfell I’m intercepting signal sent from limits of a different realm Decoding the message is a bit unnerving Every translation has been disconcerting End is now. End of what? End is so subjective, bruh Could it mean the worst is over and the best is yet to come Maybe it means literally that this is the end of us Either way, I’m tipping toes, shifting with antennas up Anyone can get it, and it is dependent on whether You’re healing, helping or hurting the communal endeavors I’m sweating through the seconds, getting data to render Pushing every button, pulling all the tabs and the levers (let’s go) Against all odds, the machines and the gods, we gon probably find a way It is what it is, and it ain’t what it’s not, that’s the mantra at my old age It’s right on time, but the time don’t stop, so we plot and we grind and play From the meadows and the moss to the big city blocks, I’ma rock til we find a way Ain’t sure what happened, the clapping is all confusing It’s bombs over benefits, tenements brought to ruins I’m walking through the awful while others applaud the movement And talk congruent to helping their fellow without the thought to prove it I’m watching mutants, hobbets, wizards, and demigods Imagining saving the world with scissors and dental floss Pentecost, spirit with me, speaking to the hero in me That resides in the same place that my fear is living We making mini-moves, swooping like a school of tuna Building up the scaffolding and filling in a few lacuna Super duper normal Johnny Regular (regular) In the here and now pulling people out the metaverse Ready player? I was on that out of sight out of mind Dipping toes in lake water hidden on the mountainside I’m down to ride into the wild beneath sunset As long as I come back ‘cause the mission isn’t done yet


3 songs about navigating the maze in opposition to the deities and robots while with the aid of therapists and weapons.


released March 24, 2023

Vocals by Claud Six
Production by The Great Mundane

Mixed by The Great Mundane
Mastered by Shawn Hatfield for AudibleOddities

Art by Kate Greve
Layout and Design by Kate Greve


all rights reserved



Jellyfish Brigade Portland, Oregon

Machines and the Gods


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