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Dragging Me Low

by Jellyfish Brigade

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Sometime within the last whirlwind of a time span, my wife and I traveled to a popular spring migratory birding region of southeastern Texas. Normally, our trips consist of her looking for warblers or raptors she’s yet to see and me searching for new bodies of water to stick my feet into and add to my scrapbook.

Although there are warblers and raptors aplenty in the state where everything is bigger, I left a lot of ponds, ravines, and creeks on the table because as I approached the shoreline, I’d come across huge caution signs warning me of smiling dinosaurs that lurked beneath the still waters.

One night in our hotel room, I went down an alligator rabbit hole, and I read a story about a drunken man partying at a bar on the bayou. At one point, the man yelled some expletive laced rant about how he wasn’t afraid of gators, so he leapt into the darkness and quickly learned he should have been terrified.

I kept reading about more and more alligator attacks, and soon that topic morphed into gun violence in the area, and eventually all that information overload led me to being afraid of this beautiful place we’d come to visit in order to get away from the awfulness the world was presenting to us at the time.

I use social media and the internet a lot. I don’t like it, but as someone creating and promoting art, I feel like it’s a necessity, often saying things like “If I wasn’t dropping an album next month, I’d delete it for good,” but that’s probably just a safe excuse. I can’t turn away from the train wreck, and I know that isn’t good for me.

“Dragging Me Low” is about discovering the millions of one-in-a-million chance events that take place every day and eventually worrying that the odds are no longer in your favor to the point you cease to even play them any longer.

We’ve got the history of human existence in our pockets, and instead of feeling empowered, it’s just made me anxious.



I turn away and I unplug
I ain’t the same as I once was
Pulled back in to the vice grip
I don’t wanna go out like this

This the absolute worst thing since the last thing
Build back two blocks, three come crashing
Down, speed to the ground like a wax winged
Child, in a mound full of trash making saplings
Sprout Wowed by the spread of the happenings
Drowned by the chatter and all these distracting
Sounds saved my flock of hatchlings
Bowed to the coyotes and offered up the rat king’s
Crown, now ain’t like the then
And the could be’s realer than the might have been
The why’s embedded in the rising trends
I’m tryna read the data and grieve dying friends
I’m tryna live the goodest, exact my revenge
Dull the stimulus of a heightened sense
Comb flaws with a magnifying lens
And stop swinging at these god damn Hydra heads
I got ten toes down with my two eyes up
Looking for the tiny threads that’ll unite us
I bite dust like a last meal, pick while the gash heals
Witness neighbors turn McCoys and Hatfields, I feel…
Well, I don’t really know yet
Ain’t found a Monet in the shades of the grotesque
Possessed by the need to be informed
World of peeps with the greed of Isildur

Can’t be healthy to be this tuned in
Something’s gotta be wrong with these humans
Every swipe and a scroll
Something’s dragging me low

Can’t be healthy to be this tapped in
Headlines turning us all to mad men
Every push and a click
Something’s making me sick

I was in a hotel in the pit of Texas
Where the Gen Pop rolls with their smith and Wesson’s
Sucked in the stories of the bitter endings
Sending me into another fit of stressing
Cause one in a million feels one of one
When the whole feed feeds what is troublesome
And it comes and comes, no brace for a denouement
Almost seems safer to wade into the gator swamp
Nope, an article with bloody deets
About a man who said fuck the beasts like they was police
Jumped in the bayou with a splashing leap
And then the happy teeth went and dragged him deep
You see That’s the thing about worries
Lightning strikes become an everyday occurrence
The oh so rare becomes oh so certain
Til you locked in the crib and you close those curtains (yeah)

Almost convinced myself nothing was safe
Thanks to news that gets shoved in my face
The hatred and killing is basically telling me
Swallow the key and then shut me away
Accidents happen, I’m tempting the fates
Out in the woods, I’ma predators prey
Caught in a spiral of everything viral
It’s vital I find me a better escape


released March 1, 2022
Vocals by Claud Six
Production by The Great Mundane

Mixed by The Great Mundane
Mastered by Shawn Hatfield for AudibleOddities

Art by Rialenga
Layout and Design by Kate Greve


all rights reserved



Jellyfish Brigade Portland, Oregon

Machines and the Gods


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