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In many ways, our lives in the modern world are divided into three categories:

"Me" time

If things were balanced, from a equally divided standpoint, we'd give 8 hours a day to each, but sometimes our commute to work cuts into our "me" time or we bring work home that does the same. Sometimes we wake up at 2:00 in the morning with thoughts of what needs to be done in the office when we return.

For some, we refuse to lose our "me" time, so for every hour our job duties steal from that portion of our sun and moon cycle, we steal an hour from our sleep schedule.

And thus the dance goes, which is a dance that wolves do not perform. They sleep, play, and hunt, but they do not sit in traffic on the highways or stress over the piles of hungry envelopes filled with bills awaiting money in return for electricity or entertainment. However, they also can't order take-out or fly thousands of miles in a few hours to be with the ones they love.

We found ourselves in a daydream, drifting from the routine of our Monday-Friday office shifts and Saturday and Sunday chore list to an open meadow where the sky looks like someone painted it just for us. This is our imagined sabbatical, and it is where the wolves roam every night. Maybe they find it mundane because it is always there, but maybe something that wonderous never loses it's magic.

For better or worse, we are not wolves.


Late night (late night)
Come home (come home)
Gave up my day to something I loathe
Unwind (unwind)
Unload (unload)
Sleep for a bit then back at it we go
I don’t have to hunt, and my belly stays full
But I have to get paid, and I don’t get to roam
Get time to myself, but sometimes I’m alone
For better or worse, we are not wolves

Could be howling at the waxing gibbous
Instead I’m tryna go from rags to riches
Could be running wild inside of yellowstone
Instead I’m in here hung up on my telephone

Divided a planner page into thirds, a fraction each for sleeping, me, and work
The latter takes a half and keeps a dream deferred, stealing turns from me and sleep’s decreasing worth
And me’s a man who needs a decent chance to feel alive, so sleep be damned, I’d rather feed the urge
Keep alert, stare and sweep and stir, eventually it’s all a swirling, seething, hurling, heaping blur
Somebody has to grow because somebody has to pull because somebody has to load
Because somebody has to have it so they can grab it while they’re passing go
An ant hill is to ants and so the structures that a man can sculpt must be natural
We think we’ve past the clans animals with our flashy gadgets and collateral
Diverted once we started fanning smoke, now I’m counting seconds to my planned sabbatical
Where I can run to where the sky is magical
Like I was in a pack of wolves

It’s a dog eat dog world, and my fangs have been dulled
My hide has been stretched all the ways that I’m pulled
It’s a dog eat dog world, and it’s all I know
For better or worse, we are not wolves


released October 18, 2021
Vocals by Claud Six
Production by The Great Mundane

Mixed by The Great Mundane
Mastered by Shawn Hatfield for AudibleOddities

Art by Rialenga
Layout and Design by Kate Greve


all rights reserved



Jellyfish Brigade Portland, Oregon

Machines and the Gods


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