by Jellyfish Brigade

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released October 17, 2011

Vocals: Lucas Dix
Composer: Jeffrey Acciaioli
Illustrator: Jason Graham
Designer: Ryan Robers

Want You Too: remix of Natasha Kmeto... check out the original at


all rights reserved



Jellyfish Brigade Portland, Oregon

Diving Lessons
06.24.2014 for booking, love letters and existential inquiries about the nature of the universe.

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Track Name: Sunflowers
This my favorite season since the last one
Hanging from the cherry tree shooting cap guns
Downhill red wagon ride on a wooded road
Tried to pull you off the path so you couldn’t go
Got my ten digits dirty with a shade of green
Nurturing the tomatoes and the basil leaves
Put the work in, waited back patiently
And saw a whole garden grow from the baby seeds
Maybe we ain’t got a clue, that’s okay with me
I’ve been good at playing make believe
But this change will break me to my aching knees
I can’t always be as strong as I claim to be
Shit…I’m still afraid of being normal
Still won’t let myself pray to be immortal
Still looking for the light and shine
Cause when I get it, love, I like what I find

I’ve a long way to go
All the things that I’ve done and the hours I’ve grinded
Made me a better man and made the sunflowers giant
I’ve a long way to go
Was in a hurry to grow, but I've been changing my mind
And learning how to take it all in a day at a time

This my favorite season til the next one
I got the cuts and scrapes to prove its been fun
Staring at the sunflowers with their heavy heads hung
I can tell that our bittersweet ends come
Handle it when it’s finally time to handle it
For now the horizons lined with shiny amulets
Things are simple, September with a sweaty brow
But I got a feeling that’ll flip when you bounce
My backyard is a colored jungle wonderland
Full of bamboo, hydrogeneas and sustenance
Funny how we can’t depend on what we've planned
The growing season’s now something that I understand
Still don’t know what to do
But I still got an ear and a shoulder for you
Still looking for the light and the shine
Cause when I get it love I like what I find
Track Name: Natasha Kmeto - Want You Too (Jellyfish Brigade RMX)
Natasha Kmeto:
If you and I were to be apart
Well that would simply break my heart
If you would ever leave my side
Well I would truly lose my mind

But it’s nice to know that even though
I need you so, I want you too
But it’s nice to know that even though
I need you so, I want you too

Will time consume an old desire
Routine subdue a lustful fire
Will true love last as dependence grows
These are only things that time will show

But it’s nice to know that even though
I need you so, I want you too
Yes, it’s nice to know that even though
I need you so, I want you too

Lucas Dix
I’ll pack the oney up and pour another glass of Riesling
So we can toast to thunderclaps and bee stings
When the dust skidaddles and the day slips into the bygones
We’ll freak it with the covers off and lights on
Our forming wrinkles are reminders we don’t get younger
But let’s remember that our age and years are just numbers
Things we discovered in my 25th summer
Turned me to an off-trail, river walking, bridge jumper
Thanks boo. We faced the ocean wave blues
And looked from the precipice while the tunnel trains chooed
Fogged up the windows in the rainy winter wait through
Now I’m trying to figure out if it’s okay to chase you
We still giggle like children when we lie in bed
While you help me clean the spider webs from inside my head
Might have said that four letter L-Bomb
A lot sooner if I didn’t think you thought it would have felt wrong
What’s on your mind Clementine? Trying to define the design?
I hope you find what gets you through the fight
And if I ain’t included, don’t even sweat it, just do it
But stay for now, because I want you tonight.